CNN confirms their anonymous to be reliable because dad works at Nintendo

As part of CNN’s ongoing investigations of the White House, CNN has confirmed a new anonymous reliable source that it deems to be “very reliable”.

This source claims to have critical information about happenings behind closed doors at the White House. The source cites his credibility to be due to the fact that his dad works at Nintendo.

“I’ve been a long time white house aide and have learned plenty of secrets in my time here” confirms CNN’s source. “I also have learned many secrets about Nintendo before it was public knowledge” He adds. “The Nintendo Switch? I knew about it a whole year before anyone else”

CNN’s source goes on to talk about the people he’s encountered as an aide in his time at the White House. “I was there for Kim Jong-Un’s visit’, he claims. “Also, this one time, I met Masahiro Sakurai when he came to Nintendo of America”

CNN’s reporter continues with their inquiry to this anonymous source, seeking information on any potential scandals their source might be able to provide.

“Scandals? You want to talk about scandals? I’ve got one for you. Can you believe that Nintendo and Sony almost made a game console together? Like what would that have even done to gaming today? Would we even have had the Nintendo Wii? What about the Playstation 3?”

The Nintendo-Sony PlayStation prototype

As the conversation came to a close, CNN inquired into the anonymous’s source’s position on the climate of politics in the country today and if there’d be any opportunity for the Democratic and Republican parties to come together in a cross-over effort for a better America.

A cross-over? That’s no cross-over. You would what would have been a real crossover? Sonic the Hedgehog in Super Smash Bros. Melee. My dad brought home some early prototypes with Sonic in it. I swear! He even told me that Sonic would be unlockable if you shot all of the credits in the credits screen.”

At press time, CNN had received outreach from another anonymous source who claimed to have valuable information on the Democratic National Convention. CNN is still validating this source. While the source has a mother who is a high ranking senior official in the DNC, the integrity of the source is being called into the question as this source’s dad appears to only work for Sega.