Hong Kong reconsiders annexation by China after learning UK pledges for emigration

After learning that Boris Johnson has pledged that 3 million Hong Kong citizens will be allowed entry into the UK, the tone of Hong Kong citizens has changed drastically around the issue of annexation by China.

“3 million of us might be going to the UK?!” exclaimed one concerned citizen. “That’s 4 out of every 10 of us. I might actually have friends and family who could end up there. That’s awful!”

“Half of my heritage comes from the UK. I’ll die before I have to make the other half ever live there.”

“Why couldn’t a more developed set of nations offer us asylum? Surely somewhere like Burkina Faso or Yemen could offer us asylum?”

“The U.K.? Really? I already had to learn English and Chinese living here in Hong Kong. Now I might have to learn Arabic, too?”

At press time, a number of protesters were beginning to organize in the streets. Their message was for China to expedite the annexation proceedings before the UK was able to finalize its asylum bills through Parliament.