New startup delivers bricks through desired store window in new no-contact riot service

Flying brick through broken glass window.

In the wake of the deaths that sparked protests for Black Lives Matter amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many concerns that these protests might have lead to a resurgence of increased COVID-19 cases.

As states begin to shut down once again, one startup is working hard to ensure that rioter’s voices are still heard.

Protestr is a hot new Silicon Valley funded pre-revenue startup that is looking to gain fast traction by subsidizing Rioting-As-A-Service (RAAS) by providing a quick and easy way to have a brick thrown through a store window from the comfort of your own home.

Protestr works by downloading their mobile app, creating an account, and then using the search function to find businesses you want to throw a brick through the window of. Once you have found the business, Protestr offers a quick checkout process where you pay a nominal fee to confirm the delivery. In 24-48 hours, a contracted delivery driver will drive on-site to the business’s location and throw a brick through the window of a business of your choosing.

In addition to their base no-contact-rioting: Protestr offers a number of premium services for an additional up-charge. Among their offerings are scheduled delivery, choosing which window of the business you want the brick thrown through, and personalized messages you can have rubber-banded to the brick.

The executive team at Protestr prides itself in that it levels the playing fields for all rioters. The executive made a point that regardless of your able-bodiedness, your skin color, or even your geographic location. No matter where you are: Protestr allows to you to hold that Macy’s in Indianapolis responsible for what that officer did in Minneapolis.

“No longer are rioters limited by geographic location. Protestr allows you to make sure you can get a brick thrown through the downtown BevMo! in St. Louis without leaving the comfort of your apartment in Portland, Oregon.”

Protestr allows you to..get a brick thrown …without leaving the comfort of your apartment…”

“We recognize that all people are able bodied enough to go out and riot. It’s unfortunate that somebody can’t get out there and have their brick thrown simply because they’re bound to a wheelchair. We empower these people by allowing them to do more than just post on social media online.”

We know how dangerous it can be to be rioting-while-black in America today. Through Protestr, we allow our fellow black Americans to safely proxy-riot through our non- black contract delivery drivers “

Upon inquiring about their revenue model, Protestr commented it is still in the early stages and still trying to figure out its at-scale logistics. As of right now, Protestr is losing money on each brick it purchases — but hopes to offset this once it finds a regular wholesaler of bricks to supply its delivery drivers.

When asked about whether Protestr has considered offering additional services, the founding team pushed back and said that they’d like to only focus on throwing bricks through windows for the MVP. As the service continues to grow, Protestr is looking to eventually expand its offerings, such as customized graffiti as part of its rioting-as-a-service platform.