Poll: Biden with unprecedented 170 point lead over Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden has just pulled out an unbelievable lead over President Donald Trump in an incredible 3-digit lead in the polls.

Satirical polls have shown this remarkable 170 point lead is due to the Democratic party’s new direction in appealing to deceased voters.

Historically, neither party has relied on the deceased vote. However, in the 2016 Presidential Elections, the Democratic party saw a huge surge of dead voters.

It is believed that in all of America’s history, there have been around 575 million Americans, around half of which are still alive today.

Suspiciously, the dead seem to exclusively vote Democrat, and are expected to take 100% of all Voting-Eligible-Deceased-Population (VEDP) this election cycle.

The average voter turnaround in the 2016 election was around 58%. This appears to hold true today, even among dead voters.

Adding the projected 226.7 million VEDP to Biden’s projected VEP lead of 102 million at 51% of the Voting-Eligible-Population (VEP), this gives Biden a significant lead over Trump, who has 0% of the VEDP vote.

As Trump has only secured around 86 million votes of the VEP — this puts his polling numbers only at 43% total. This pales in comparison to Biden’s joint VEDP + VEP vote, giving him a 213% projection for the November elections and a 170 point lead over Trump.

Whether Trump can recover from these numbers remains to be seen. Many criticize Trump and the Republican Party for it’s historically necro-phobic approach and generally not appealing to the voices of the dead.