With supreme court ruling, residents of eastern Oklahoma urged to pay property taxes in beads

Following the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on the eastern territory in Oklahoma, the Creek reservation is ruled to be Native American land. This designation is important, as residents living in this territory will now be expected to pay property taxes not to the state of Oklahoma, but to the Creek tribe instead.

This ruling comes as the United States shows that it intends to hold up its sacred oath to the Muscogee.

Continuing to reflect on the wrongs in the past of the United States, the Supreme court also strongly urged residents of this area to also carefully consider other egregious wrongdoings against the Native Americans and to state that:

“it isn’t about only upholding our sacred oath, but ensuring equity for the wrongdoings in the past”

As a result, the Supreme Court is encouraging that all residents re-route all of their property taxes towards those who own the reservation. The Supreme Court also urges that all who pay their taxes do so in trade beads.

“It’s only proper to recognize that early colonizers took advantage of the Native Americans, performing one-sided trades that took advantage of the situation. Therefore, we believe it appropriate to rectify these wrongs of the past by encouraging all property taxes be paid in a currency that Native Americans truly recognize as wealth.”

At press time, a donation drive for beads was being held for the Creek reservation to help manage the newly recognized control over the territory. Other donations aside from trade beads were being donated as well. All donations are welcome, with exception only to blankets.