Twitter accidentally makes platform usable after temporarily restricting verified accounts following breach

Following a security breach in which several high profile users had their accounts compromised, Twitter temporarily restricted access to all of its 360,000 verified accounts following this breach. In doing so, Twitter accidentally made itself a platform where real discussion could be held.

The security breach included a scam in which a rogue user took over the account of several high profile users and promised double the return of deposited Bitcoin into a wallet.

A tweet on former Vice President Joe Biden’s Twitter account which resulted from the breach.

A non exhaustive list of high profile accounts can be found below:

  • Elon Musk
  • Joe Biden
  • Bill Gates
  • Kim Kardashian West
  • Barack Obama
  • Mike Bloomberg
  • Uber
  • Apple

Users were astonished to find that, following this incident, any tweets made on the platform were not immediately derailed over use of topical politics, misuse of pronouns, disdain for Donald Trump, or any of the other typical banter commonly found on Twitter.

“It was unreal. I could actually tweet and have a real discussion about something and not immediately get called a bigot by some random blue-checkmarked user”

“For once, I was able to make a post about something, and not have to try walk on eggshells about which pronouns I used.”

After finding out that real discussion was occurring on Twitter: Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted immediately following the incident”

 “Tough day for us at Twitter. We all feel terrible this happened,”

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter

It is obvious that Jack Dorsey and the entire Twitter security team is taking the incident of real discussion being allowed on the platform very seriously and is working around the clock to ensure that any person who tweets in the future will swiftly have their topic derailed into a discussion of bigotry and racism.