Biden loses Pennsylvania following debate

After a fierce debate between President Trump and former vice-president Joe Biden, the former vice president was interviewed following his statements in the debate and how they will impact voters in the state of Pennsylvania.

“Pennsylvania? What is that? Is that a town or somethin’?” responded an aghast Joe Biden.

“That sounds kinda familiar. I ever been there before?”

Biden’s aides, concerned by the response, quickly responded to Joe’s inquiries by pulling up a map of the United States on their phones to help orient the former vice president. One aide began reading off a series of facts about Pennsylvania on the local Wikipedia page in an attempt to jog the former vice president’s memory.

“So you’re tellin’ me that’s a part of the United States? That phallic shaped red shape there on the map? Whoever thought that was a good idea?”

“How long we had it for? Looks like we probably got it from the Canadians. Do we have a bunch of ex-Canadian foreigners living there?”

Biden’s questions continued on. In response to one of the aides facts that Pennsylvania is home to the second largest Amish population in the US, Biden exclaimed “Jesus Christ! You’re tellin’ me they don’t even got power out there yet?! Those poor people! Have we even gotten around to electing government officials for them?”

After many re-assurances that the 46,055 square miles of land has been accounted for and governed for a little over 200 years time, Joe appeared to be convinced that there were no immediate concerns. However, at press time, the former vice president could be overhead directing his aides to reroute any travels to and from Delaware through New Jersey in an attempt to avoid having to drive through the “questionable territories”.